King Tea is a modern and informal bar and restaurant housed in a 100 year old building in Paddington, where it originally provisioned tram-workers with tea, tobacco and sandwiches. Nowadays, it's a modern Chinese restaurant with influences from all over Asia.

We're not a fine dining establishment, but we do care about using good quality ingredients and technique.

We look after groups of all sizes and for all occasions, so just let us know what you're looking for.

"What is the name 'King Tea' all about?"

Well, way back when tea was the beverage of choice in Queensland, 'King Tea', was a big player in that market, and being owned by the East India Trading Company, it was common to see the name boldly emblazened on building-fronts throughout the city of Brisbane, including ours.

We liked the nod to the building's history, and the oddly Chinese-sounding ring it had, so we decided to stick with it.